Brownell’s products include:

  • Desiccators and desiccants
  • Humidity indicators
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Gas purging systems

Brownell's signature defence product is the NEPS1000 family of purging/desiccation systems, which offers unprecedented levels of effectiveness and efficiency in dry nitrogen purging for humidity protection and moisture inhibition. Its key distinctive features are the effective elimination of pockets of gas, and rapid pressure and dew point measurement, which combine to deliver precise and reliable humidity control. NEPS1000 is a robust, multifunctional system that features user programmable features and automatic operation. Its portability makes it well-suited for use on deployment.

The Canadian Forces are operators of NEPS1000. A major advantage in military use is its capability to perform humidity control on installed equipment, eliminating the time and cost of removal and replacement of equipment.

Kaycom has delivered complete operational and maintenance training to Canadian Forces staff.

Kaycom has been the exclusive Canadian Representative/Distributor for all of Brownell’s products and markets since 1996.

Brownell's headquarters are located in London, England.

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