Hague Fasteners has been a leader in special fasteners since 1971. The company focuses on manufacturing non-standard threaded and milled fasteners and custom bolts in non-standard, exotic materials that are not readily available from stockists. It specializes in low to medium production runs varying from one-off prototypes to up to 1,000. Hague Fasteners routinely manufactures to customers’ design specifications and can also reverse engineer from sample products. Materials are sourced exclusively from high quality, established suppliers.

  • Special fasteners, Bolts, Studs
  • Socket screws, Bent bolts, Nuts
  • Washers, Milled components, Plugs, Pins
  • And more…

A privately owned company, Hague Fasteners is particularly proud of its ability to achieve very short lead times, sometimes measured in hours. The company has built a huge repertoire of products, in a broad range of materials that include steels, nickel-based alloys, titanium and polymers. Hague fasteners serves a large number of industry sectors including transportation, naval and construction.

Hague Fasteners is based in Willenhall, United Kingdom and considers itself to be an example of British manufacturing excellence.

Kaycom is the exclusive Canadian representative for Hague Fasteners.

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