Marvel Manufacturing is a proud family-owned business. For more than 50 years customers have considered Marvel to be the industry standard in the design, manufacture and life-cycle support of precision static balancing equipment for aircraft propellers and helicopter rotors.

Marvel’s equipment is legendary for its precision, repeatability and durability, based on superior design and use of the highest-quality materials. It has been customized to propeller and helicopter models from the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Operating instructions afford customers full autonomy and balancing kits are portable and self-contained. Marvel’s balancing solution reduces balancing costs by minimizing use of expensive in-flight dynamic balancing. It also contributes to vibration reductions, lowering maintenance costs and improving comfort levels for crew and passengers.

Marvel provides complete life cycle support for its products, with short turn-around times for calibration and repair services.

Marvel’s customer base includes OEMs and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)  centres. Marvel has a long history of collaboration with OEMs and supports new product developments to optimize the balancing process. Leading OEMs use Marvel equipment in their manufacturing operations and also recommend its use in their maintenance documentation.

Marvel Manufacturing is located in Stroudsburg, PA, United States. 

Kaycom is the exclusive Canadian defence industry representative for Marvel Manufacturing.

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