Advanced Technology Batteries

Saft offers a family of lithium chemistry batteries with unrivalled breadth and scope. They are used in a multitude of high integrity applications that include:

Wireless sensors:  The dependable reporting of strain, vibration, shock, temperature, humidity, flow, current or voltage all depends largely upon the sensor and its energy source.

Dynamic utilities metering for services such as electricity, gas, water and heat, including functions such as meter reading, operations and infrastructure and emergency backup power.

Small solar applications include LED street lights, public signs, meteorology and machine-to-machine (M2M).

Critical power for medical applications that include emergency and critical care and patent support functions such as care, monitoring, diagnosis and mobility.

Integrated Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)

Saft has developed an unrivalled family of customized lithium-ion ESS that facilitate the incorporation of renewable energy into electrical grids. They include four distinctive system families ranging from 5 kW to 50 MW in power. They address the complete energy supply chain of generation, transportation, distribution, industrial and consumer consumption. 

They offer several advantages for the integration of renewable energy generation plants including transmission grid stability improvement by smoothing the peaks and troughs of solar and wind energy generation, stress relief for heavily loaded grids, allowing operators to defer investments and support to local distribution and consumer energy management.

Saft’s ESS systems can be packaged into containers for transportation to remote sites and be readily re-located. 

Kaycom is a national partner supporting Saft’s batteries and systems. Our relationship began in 1998.

Saft has its headquarters in Bagnolet, France, with sales and distribution offices worldwide.

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