Weibel Scientific specializes in the development and manufacture of state of the art velocity and position measuring instruments based on Continuous Wave (CW) Doppler radar principles. Weibel radars are compact and mobile units that combine high accuracy, small size, easy transportability, and high performance in all-weather conditions. Based on 70 years of continuing technology development, Weibel’s current family of products is used by international defence organizations for lot acceptance, research and development and range safety. They include:

  • Doppler radar systems for short-range velocity measurements
  • Doppler radar systems for intermediate range velocity measurements
  • Azimuth & elevation monopulse tracking radar systems for velocity and three dimensional position measurements
  • Multi-frequency long range tracking radar systems for time and space position measurements
  • Ranging radars for optical platforms

Kaycom and Weibel have customized Weibel's Muzzle Velocity Radar Indicators (MVRI) for Canadian Forces requirements. They are used with various models of 105 mm and 155 mm artillery equipment including the most recent M-777 howitzer. These MVRI systems are fully integrated with the Canadian Forces Digital Gun Management System.

Kaycom has represented Weibel since 2005.

Weibel Scientific is located in Alleroed, Denmark. 

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