Repair & Overhaul

Kaycom provides customized repair and overhaul services that respond to the requirements and preferences of each of our principles’ customers. Our approach is based on a comprehensive review of each requirement to determine the scope and depth of repair or complete overhaul that will result in a best value solution.

We summarize the results of this process, which includes a thorough physical and functional inspection, in a report submitted for review and acceptance by the customer.

 Kaycom takes pride in its ability to deliver short turnaround times, so reducing out-of-service time and inventory costs.

Engineering Services

Kaycom’s engineering services focus on resolving recurring problems that repair alone cannot resolve. Typical causes are design shortcomings or use in operational environments not anticipated in the original design. This situation is often evidenced by unduly frequent repair requirements and results in performance degradation, additional system downtime and higher maintenance costs. Kaycom’s experienced team conducts engineering-based assessments to understand true causes. If they are beyond routine wear and tear, Kaycom produces a report that details the circumstances and true causes, and recommends changes in material, design and operational maintenance procedures as appropriate.

 This is then followed by a joint assessment of the most appropriate measures to take to avoid premature repairs in the future

Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence management is becoming increasingly critical as the operational lives of defence systems are extended, an accelerating trend. Parts may be impossible to source and at best extremely costly and subject to long lead times. Our obsolescence engineering services provide a competitive and reliable solution. We apply our know-how at the systems as well as parts level and for a wide range of equipment.

Based on access to a detailed history of the systems that may include coordinating with the OEM, we recommend cost effective solutions. Once a plan of action is agreed by the customer we generate new drawings and manufacturing processes. We upgrade the materials and detailed design to provide a more durable product that is suitable for manufacture using today’s processes and equipment.

The resulting benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved operational performance
  • Increased Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR)
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs

Training and Familiarization

In collaboration with our Principles, Kaycom designs, develops and delivers customized and product-specific training and familiarization services to customer staff. These services include operating procedures and maintenance practices and procedures. The training may be delivered at the Customer’s facility or in the field, or at Kaycom’s offices.

 Training categories include initial, recurrent and “train the trainer”. They may comprise classroom or practical hands-on training. Training materials are created and made available to customer staff.