• Since 1984, Seiler Instruments and Mfg.Co. Inc has had the pleasure of working with Kaycom, our exclusive representative in all-Military requirements in the countries of Canada, Kingdom of Thailand and the Republic of the Philippines. Along with their excellent service and support, has provided for a worry-free working relationship between our two companies. Eric P. Seiler (Rick)  - President
    Seiler Instruments, USA
  • Since 2005, Kaycom has been Weibel’s trusted and greatly appreciated agent and distributor in Canada. The key to success in our relationship with Kaycom is a combination of great technical knowledge, suitable storehouse facilities and a very high level of service. Peder Pederson – CEO
    Weibel, Denmark
  • Brownell is delighted to partner with Kaycom, an in country Partner is an essential component for effective cooperation in project management and the delivery of goods and services to the customer. Brownell has partnered with Kaycom since 1996. Martin Partridge – Managing Director 
    Brownell Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Kaycom has been a loyal and dedicated partner of Saft since 1998, representing Saft to the Canadian Industry. Kaycom has an excellent understanding of this key market and has presented Saft with many high-quality business opportunities for our products and services over the years.
    SAFT Military Battery Division, USA

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