Kaycom awarded Canadian Military contract to supply/support Nitrogen Generator systems

Kaycom is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract from the Canadian military to supply 6 ea Nitrogen Generator with an additional optional quantity for 6 more systems in future years.

Kaycom was also awarded a 7 - year contract to provide Engineering/Repair and Overhaul/Support Services for these new systems and for all nitrogen generating system currently in CF inventory.

The Mandus MG1100 Nitrogen Generator was designed to allow users of bottled nitrogen to be independent of the logistical problems caused by having to find pressurized nitrogen gas suppliers. The MG1100 will produce up to 30 liters of nitrogen gas per minute @ 4500 psi simply by attaching a 100-150 psi compressed air source with a minimum 7.5 CFM flow (recommended 11.5 CFM compressor).