Mandus Group’s highly experienced team offers a wide range of customized artillery logistics and life cycle support solutions such as:

  • Inspection and repair
  • Operational and maintenance training
  • Development of preventative scheduled maintenance plans
  • Engineering and modification

The company specializes in legacy and current artillery systems of U.S. and international origin including 12 U.S. systems.

Mandus Group’s highly experienced team also designs and manufactures related products, examples being nitrogen generators, howitzer barrel cleaning systems, a recoil mechanism gymnasticator and hydraulic test units. 

Mandus Group has set the new standard in lightweight artillery design with the introduction of its Hawkeye 105mm Weapon System. The Hawkeye is a modular lightweight howitzer that is capable of being mounted on many types of tactical vehicles, ships and patrol boats, and aircraft. 

Mandus Group has entered into a public/private partnership with the Rock Island Arsenal and this combined expertise and infrastructure is a world class artillery centre of excellence. 

Mandus Group’s headquarters are located in Rock island, IL, United States. 

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