Kaycom is a National Partner supporting Saft’s batteries and systems. 

Saft incorporates its high energy lithium-ion rechargeable batteries into complete power system solutions designed for specific defence operating environments. Saft has fifteen production sites and 4,000 staff worldwide. 

Saft’s 28 Volt Lithium-ion Battery Box (LBB) is the power source for the Raytheon Improved Target Acquisition System (ITAS). This custom designed power system is lightweight and maintenance free. It does not require ventilation and has low re-charge times. It is rated at 80Ah and weighs 64 lbs. ITAS has been acquired by the Canadian Forces and Kaycom provides in-country repairs and battery balancing for LBB.

Saft’s newest military product, the Advanced Deployable Renewable Energy System (ADRES) offers deployable power for military equipment. A fully integrated system, it combines renewable energy sources and Saft’s energy storage solutions. It is ruggedized for military use and rated at 1.2 kW.

Enhanced Li-ion 6T high performance battery (e6T) 28V battery system provides starting, lights and ignition power for military vehicles, along with silent watch capabilities. This 69 Ah battery includes application-specific functionality for performance, thermal and safety management. 

Saft has developed an unrivalled family of customized Energy Storage Solutions that facilitate the incorporation of renewable energy into electrical grids. These on-grid systems include four distinctive system families ranging from 5 kW to 50 MW in power. They can be utilized in various military installations to support or enhance power capabilities from deployable to base camp locations.

Kaycom has been a continuous supporting partner for Saft’s batteries and systems. Our relationship began in 1998.

Saft has its headquarters in Bagnolet, France, with sales and distribution offices worldwide.

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